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8 Essential Styling Tips For Tall Girls

The world is not so simple for tall girls. They face many problems when it comes to clothing. Online shopping is a nightmare for such ladies as the ordered pair of clothes don’t really fit them. Short length and bad fitting looks like an old outfit that got shrunk. Needless to say, it's a free disappointment delivered online. Apart from the online struggle, tall girls often do not find clothes that fit the body and height when shopping in malls or shops too. We understand ladies, not getting the desired fashion clothing brings in lots of let-downs. 
Relax, there is no need to feel bad about some extra inches you carry. We are all set to tell you some fashion tips that will revolutionize your wardrobe and help in following fashion trends like a pro. Let’s check out.
Ankle Length Jeans 

Tall girls and jeans are best friends. Just simple denim on and they look stylish. There is no denying to the fact that tall girls face many problems such as short length jeans, getting big waist size jeans and more before they finally find perfect jeans. How about styling it in a cool way as ankle-length jeans? Opt for short jeans, wear them as ankle-length jeans and you will definitely rock the look!
High Waist Jeans 

Tall girls can also use big jeans as high waist jeans. One can start her own fashion by wearing jeans on the waist and accompanying it with a nice belt. Different types of crop tops, normal tops, spaghetti tops can be tried comfortably. Wear simple t-shirts and fold the jeans a bit from the base and you are ready to flaunt a new style.
Crop Top 

Normal Tops often fit like crop tops for tall girls. Well, it’s a cool way to style Girls! Get some chic tops on with high waist jeans, skirts or quirky palazzos.  Even pairing tops with low waist jeans can give oomph to your waistline that gets no attention with otherwise regular styling pattern. Just make sure you pair it as a solid colour (pants)and another some cute prints (t-shirt/top) or vice versa to effortlessly look like a fashionista!
Formal Palazzo 

Want a formal palazzo for meetings? But it is falling short? No problem ... Short formal palazzos are in trend. Choose a nice formal top/shirt on formal palazzo and give it a super trendy meeting look. Plus, wearing palazzo on high waist gives an extra classy look and confidence to rock the meeting room. 
Short Dress 

Don't be sad if you are too long for a short dress or one-piece available online. We understand how a short dress becomes micro mini when a tall girl puts it on. Wear an appropriate ankle length leggings or jeggings underneath it. If the dress is body fit or straight, a thin belt can also be worn to give it a good rich look.
Accessories that suit

Tall girls can use accessories that are large to add some extra glow on their face. With heavy accessories on both traditional and western clothing, girls look more elegant and beautiful. 
Try using large earrings, heavy neckpieces, big finger rings for a graceful appearance. 
Say NO to High Heels

Tall girls and high heels are a big ‘NO’ in the real world. We recommend tall girls to stay away from such high heel fashion trends as it looks a bit overdose of height. Get yourself some beautiful flat sandals, quirky desi shoes, mojris to pair as per the attire. Trust us, you can overpower the charm of fellow ladies with stylish flats. 
Free Hair 

Setting hair-free is an evergreen fashion and every girl’s favourite hairstyle unless it’s not getting hot around. 
We suggest tall girls follow the same trend. Free hair looks beautiful on any costumes, may it be traditional or western. For ladies with long hair, there are many beautiful hairstyles that look trendy and are manageable at the same time. Try it out, girls! 
At Livana.co.in, we believe in embracing the beauty and trying out the best of fashion trends. We believe everyone looks best when they dress as per their body type and there’s no denying to the fact that having some inches extra in a longitudinal way is always an opportunity to go super glamorous, right girls? Be confident with your outfits and the world is yours, rule it! Connect to us for best-customized fashion outfits for every occasion. We would be glad to design for you, today and forever!  
Keep checking this space for more fashion tips & updates… Happy Fashioning to you!