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These are the best fashion blogs to follow in 2018

Feeling the Heat? Beat the Summer with These Trends!

April is almost here, and temperatures have already soared above 40 degrees in Mumbai.. And May is yet to arrive!

Summer is upon us.. And it’s time to dress for it. Want to know how to beat the heat this summer? Take a look at these trends:

  • Cool colours

Pastel colours are the way to go this summer. Floral prints and primary colours are out; rock dresses and tops in colours like light pink, lavender, pastel orange and baby blue - light and cool colours are in!

  • Cotton kurtis

It’s no secret that cotton is the preferred fabric to wear in the summer. It soaks up the sweat, cools us down and makes for better air circulation. Take advantage of the cotton apparel season by donning trendy and elegant cotton kurtis..

  • Loose-fitting, casual clothing

Whether it’s work or play, it’s best to go loose and casual with your blouses, skirts and dresses in this weather.

Pairings of pencil skirts with casual blouses for work and maxi dresses, flowy skirts or palazzos throughout the day would be your best bets for the summer.

Summers in Mumbai can be hell, but they don’t have to be anymore. Try these trends on and you beat the heat with style!